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reduced sales costs
spires saves recruiters all acquisition costs. Our AI matches you with jobs that really fit your skills! The only thing you need to do is do a good work and provide your clients with matching talent.
more clients for you
spires opens up the entire market of employers to you, from start-ups to medium-sized businesses to global leaders. Our recruiters have more than doubled their customer base.

87% more revenue

Increase your company's profit in the future through massively more leads and the complete reduction of sales responsibilities, contract negotiations and billing tasks. Our recruiters focus on the core business they love.
Less Paperwork

Less paper work

Instead of complex and manually negotiated contracts with individual employers, your partnership with spires covers everything. We take care of the complete contracts and billing efforts with our clients.
Smart Matchmaking

AI made matchmaking

spires informs you about new jobs matching your profile via push notifications, no manual search necessary. If candidates are rejected by clients, spires recommends new fitting vacancies.
Effective Work Period

83% reduction of periods of no work

As a recruiter, you sometimes swing between phases of overwork and underwork. spires wants to ensure that good recruiters are permanently occupied in the long term.
Tell a story about yourself

Sharpen your recruiter profile

Invite your network to spires, but also meet new contacts at all levels across all brands every day. Often our recruiters then personally develop job options on the corporate side.

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