FAQ Recruiter

What are the key benefits for recruiters & headhunters?

It may be that a large part of your work today consists of intensive sales work. But you probably want to focus on connecting great talents from your network with fast-growing companies.

spires takes all the sales work off your hands. We send you clients and vacancies that match your specialisation by push. You alone decide which vacancies you would like to work on.

As soon as your candidate is hired by the company, we take over the complete accounting for you and you don’t have to worry about anything.

In other words, you fully focus on recruiting, we cover sales and paperwork.

How does spires work as a recruiting marketplace?

The way it works is simple and unique. Our large network of employers from the healthcare industry place open vacancies on the marketplace. Recruiters with the right specialisation, from the relevant region, with the matching payment conditions and with good ratings receive these jobs via push in real time.

The recruiter then decides which vacancies he or she would like to work on, marks the selected jobs with a simple click and starts speaking to suitable candidates and introducing them to the company.

The employer decides whether to discuss questions with you digitally or in person by phone/video. Many of our clients prefer relaxed digital communication without pushiness.

As soon as a candidate is in the process with the employer, you can always see the status in real time in the spires dashboard. If the candidate is then hired, we take over the complete billing processes towards the employer and transfer your commission punctually on the due dates.

What does the spires service cost me as a recruiter?

spires does all the sales for you, provides you with suitable vacancies in real time and covers all the paperwork. This allows you to fully focus on recruiting and make significantly more deals and revenue than before. spires receives 20% of the commission earned by the employer.

How much commission do I receive as a recruiter?

spires is a free marketplace for recruiters and employers. Hence, as a recruiter you decide yourself how much commission you would like to receive for your work.

In principle you can set two values in your settings: A. One is a minimum percentage of the annual salary of the recruited candidate (e.g. 25%). B. On the other hand, a fixed amount that you would like to earn at least (for example 10,000 EUR).

Employers set these values in the same way, but as maximum values. We will only match you with vacancies that meet your above-mentioned minimum values.

To help you find realistic settings, you can also see directly how many % of the jobs fit your values.

Can I test spires first?

Yes, of course. An account with spires is completely free of charge. So feel free to come in, fill out your profile as a recruiter and have a look around.

In which regions can spires be used as a recruiting marketplace?

spires starts in the DACH region, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as most of our recruiters and headhunters are active here. Nevertheless, our marketplace is open and can also be used in other countries. However, at the start we cannot guarantee that enough recruiters will be available for each country.

Therefore, we will add the regions step by step to ensure a good coverage of recruiters and candidates.

Why does spires focus only on jobs in the healthcare industry?

Just as we are launching our recruitment marketplace in the DACH region first, we are initially focusing on the healthcare industry. Here we have a large network of talents, employers and recruiters.

Jobs outside the healthcare industry will also be successively placed. So please select other industries in your recruiter profile so that you will also be informed about these new positions.

What are the advantages of a recruiting marketplace over conservative recruiting?

spires offers all sides the possibility to work together digitally and stress-free and thus as effectively as possible. We want to take the paperwork off all sides so that recruiters and employers can concentrate on the essentials, namely finding the best talents for successful companies.

How long is the cancellation period?

The cancellation liability period or money-back period is fixed at 4 months and is calculated exactly to the week. Recruiters also have the alternative of refilling the position.

How does the payment process work?

After successfully hiring a talent, the employer immediately receives an invoice from us and after receiving the commission, we pay it to the recruiter successively and on a monthly basis. The last share is transferred with the end of the cancellation period.

How much contract and paperwork is left with me as a recruiter?

spires takes care of almost everything for you. After we have sent you suitable positions by push and you have successfully placed candidates, we take over the complete payment process with the employer (if necessary incl. payment reminder). You will get a receipt from us for every payment made to you, which you then only have to book for tax purposes.

Do only freelance recruiters use spires?

No, not at all. Individual freelance recruiters are certainly especially happy to be able to hand over all the sales work, but many employees of the large recruitment agencies also use spires. However, please make sure to provide your exact company data for correct billing.